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The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is the state agency with responsibility for tourism in Grenada. The GTA ’s mission is to effectively collaborate with all Grenadians and our stakeholder’s partners to consistently achieve excellent visitor experiences and to pursue and promote sustainable growth in an environmentally responsible manner that ensures economic, social and cultural benefits to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


In order to get a sense of the level of tourism activity in Grenada, the Grenada Tourism Authority relies on the collection of visitor arrivals and departures. Up until 2014, the tourism authority has been unable to garner meaningful insights about activities relative to tourist arrivals and departures in Grenada. While their previous solution allowed them to collect visitor information, they were unable to create/access timely reports, thus making it difficult for the Grenada Tourism Authority to make meaning decision to impact sustainable tourism growth in Grenada. In an effort to remedy this problem, the authority engaged our team to design and develop a tourism intelligence application.


During the consultation process, the Grenada Tourism Authority was guided through a discovery phase which allowed the our team to better understand their problem. To adequately address their concerns we developed a web-based Tourism Intelligence Solution (TIS) which was able to quickly and easily capture and analyse visitor arrivals/departure data. Since the focus of the problem surrounded access to timely statistics and insights, we were able to develop an integrated interactive dashboard application built on top of an Elasticsearch infrastructure which guaranteed instant access to data and meaning reports.


Using Sonover’s Tourism Intelligence Solution (TIS), the Grenada Tourism Authority is now able to get instant access to industry statistics. With this highly flexible and intuitive platform, the GTA’s management team can quickly glean actionable information since the interactive dashboard can display selected tourism metrics and indicators to better drive their processes. After the GTA started using the platform they recorded an obvious reduction in the time it takes to collect and convert data into reports.

With the TIS platform, the marketing staff at the Grenada Tourism Authority can now also determine and track which markets visitors originate from; which helps the GTA to fine-tune marketing efforts and campaigns.

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