Destination result like no other.

With Sonover TIS, you can simplify the collection and analysis of data related to persons visiting your tourism destination. It has been designed to be used by both the administrators and the data entry users.

The system makes the entire process of entering data easier by the use of its ‘smart-form’ features which will automatically fill-in data or provide options from easy to use drop boxes. It is able to process data related to flights and visitors and provides an intuitive reporting engine with powerful data aggregation and visualization capabilities. The system uses the data collected for creating real-time and meaningful reports.

This web based application has been designed from to ground up to be highly scalable to meet the needs of your association, and promotes efficiency and accuracy in a highly secured environment.

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  • Easy, Efficient Date Entry

    With Sonover TIS smart lookup and passport lookup feature entering information has become easier than before.

  • Configurable Port of Entry

    The port of entry can be easily configured by administrative users

  • Industry Occupancy Status

    Administrators can now have a readily available estimate of the number of visitors staying at the different hotels per day, week, month or year.

  • Target Market Analysis

    Sonover TIS reporting system is so efficient that it provides a mapping layout based on the history of visitors. With this feature, administrators can now determine the ‘Who’ and the ‘Where’ of target marketing.

  • Limitless Data Storage

    TIS provides unlimited storage and backups for all data entered into the system.

  • Flexible Reporting

    TIS utilizes the Kibana software which allows reports to be completely customizable. The system easily reads the data entered into the system and produces reports to your exact requirements.

  • Easy Integration

    TIS can be easily integrated with other reporting software for example, Excel or even connect using TIS API.

  • Fully Customizable

    Sonover TIS has the ability to cheaply and easily be modified to meet future requirements.

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