Software Development

Code. Maintain. Monitor

Custom Software

Sonover designs and develops software that is built to meet unique customer requirements using the agile methodology; this also includes maintenance and other support services where necessary.

Software Maintenance

Sonover provides flexible source code maintenance packages that allows organisations (large or small) to cost effectively and conveniently perform bug fixes, security updates and code optimisation of their custom built systems.

Software Monitoring

Sonover uses different tools to continuously monitor the real time performance of software; this enables early identification of problems allowing solutions to be created at an early stage. In cases where your monitoring requirements does not fit the tools that are currently in use, customised monitoring software will be provided.

Big Data
& Big Data Analyst

Sonover provides custom system design and development for use cases that require storage and analysis of large data sets and at high velocity. we also build custom scripts that provides deep analysis of your data. Learn more about Atom

Extended Services

Code. Maintain. Monitor

ICT Consulting

The company uses client objectives as a basis for providing professional advice on how to make the best use of technology in order to meet their goals and requirements.

Cloud Backup

Hot, warm or cold backup services are provided for both le and database driven systems in our secure, remote data centre.

Data Entry

A high quality, reliable and flexible data entry service is provided to you.

Data Verification

A number of methods are used for verification purposes ensuring valid and accurate data entry.

Special Requests? Questions?

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